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Products & Services

We specialize in producing world class retainers, fixed and removable Orthodontic and Pedodontic Appliances. We are also available to work with the doctors in finding the best design solution to meet their patients needs. Put our years of experience to work for you. We strive to provide the best possible service, product and experience in doing business with us.  For your convenience, ask us for pre-paid UPS labels and a care package to get started!

Removable Retainers

Removable Retainers for Upper or Lower arches are fabricated to hold teeth in place.  Acrylic on Labial Bow can be added for that extra hold for Anterior Teeth.  Retention Wires are; Adams Clasps, Modified Crozat Clasps, Ball or "C" Clasps or Wrap-Around's are some retention wires that are used depending on the Occlusion of the Teeth. Also shown, third from right, is a Crozat-type Hawley with Modified Crozat Clasp can be made with Adams Clasp. Requirements: Check your impressions and models for distortions. BACK TO TOP

Space Maintainers (Band & Loop)

Premature loss of Primary Teeth or Permanent Teeth may result the loss of space.  Space Maintainers or Band & Loops can protect this space loss.  One Arm Band & Loops are used when the area is very small or if the Band slipped during pour-up (the band must be reposition by our experienced technicians), so adjustments can be achieved by the Dr. Requirements: Good impressions or models will give you the best fitting appliance. BACK TO TOP

Pedo Partials (Dentures)

Pedo Partials are made with a wire frame and soldered spurs for each tooth to support the teeth. Acrylic Flange is used when the alignment of the teeth shows a gap on the gum tissue. Partials can be removable with retention wires to support and hold appliance. Requirements: Need opposing models and accurate impressions that will make your patients smile and Mom will be happy! BACK TO TOP


Expansions from 7mm to 14mm, RPE can be used with 2 Bands or 4 Bands. Third from right is a Lingual arch with Ellis Loop or Adjustment Loops Requirements: Bands must be fitted properly in impressions and check position of bands after pour-ups, no room for errors. BACK TO TOP

TMJ Splints

TMJ Splints are made with strong clear acrylic designed to withstand tough grinding.  Splints can be  made with or without Labial Acrylic and with or without Ball Clasps. BACK TO TOP

Halterman Appliances

Sometimes molars need a little help to distalize with a fixed appliance. Using a .028 wire soldered on band, a Halterman Appliance is a great solution. BACK TO TOP
Emergency Service Available At OPA, we also understand the need for immediate delivery of product due to emergency needs of patients. That's why we are always willing to put every effort into rushing appliances to doctors. We are here to help take care of patients.